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About Synchronized skating
Synchronized skating is characterized by teamwork, speed, intricate formations and challenging step sequences. Synchronized skating also has its own official Synchronized skating World Championships. This discipline was born in Michigan in early 1954, the team "Hockettes" was started to entertain the public during hockey games and has improved to become the fastest growing discipline in figure skating. In synchronized skating there exists six different categories, including seniors, juniors, novice, juvenile, adults and mixed-age. A complete team consists of 16 competing skaters and 4 alternates. Seniors and juniors compete with a short program and a free program. Other categories compete only with a free program. The programs consists of different types of elements, including, intersections, wheels, circles, blocs and lines, which are combined with different free skating moves and steps.

History of Team Boomerang
Team Boomerang was first created in 1998. The team skated together for two years but due to lack of skaters it disappeared and the junior team Convivium was started instead. However, in 2005 a new team was put together with brand new skaters and Team Boomerang was born for the second time. From then on, the team has improved with better results every year. Our best achievement is an 8th place at World Championships 2011, in Helsinki Finland, and 2012 in Gothenburg Sweden. This is the best ranking ever for a Sweden 2 team. Theese last few years we have taken big steps forward as a team and with our results and that have encouraged us to work hard to deliver the best we can even this year.

Motto: "Boomerang always comes back!"

Team Boomerang 2013-2014
Team Boomerang consists of 20 girls in the ages between 16-26 years. Most of the girls are from the neighborhoods of Gothenburg but we also have several foreign skaters. Our season begins in May and ends with the Worlds in April. During a common training week, we exercise about five times. Mostly we practice on ice but our schedual also consists dance lessons, choreography, strenght, condition and off-ice practice, We practice to become more mentally strong, learn how to eat right when exercising, and analyze our skating through video and review. During this season we are participating in four national competitions and three international competitions. Our first international competition will be French cup in Rouen, France. And in April we´re going to Worlds in Courmayeur, Italy. We will also be participating in Leon Lurje Trophy, hosted by our club in januari 2014 here in Gothenburg. It will be an international competition for novice, juniors ans seniors.
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